This Women’s Day Become Friendly with Finance!!!

Insecurity is a word that today’s women would not like to be associated with, at least not in the workspace. Then why does it so happen that when it comes to Personal Finance this kind of insecurity is found in the majority of the women, despite being competent in each and every stream? When it comes to savings women are exceptional human beings who are best in cost-cutting, be it college tuition fees, finding better deals, etc. Today many of them have occupied a place in the corporate world where some of them even earn better than their spouse. However, when it comes to the investment they admit that they are “not at all” aware of the market and different investment products. So what are the reasons for such low confidence in the financial world even after having the ability to work for a huge amount of time? Let us look at some of the key reasons:-

1. Lack of open discussion on financial education: How many women were taught about finances when one was growing up? Due to traditional times, open discussion regarding financial matters is still not necessitated with women being a part of them. This inculcates a fact which may not be true in the minds of girls, which is, that men are the master-minds in this, and it’s only them who can handle these “important” matters.  Women who are confident about investing opine that one should get the basic knowledge from the start, either by working on it individually or discussing it with a friend or a relative.

2. Women are always intimidated by investing:  Women are risk-averse on the job front, but they are more in money matters. In spite of knowing that women may live longer than men, they do not have enough investments made to be served on retirement. Many behavioral finance studies have shown that most women tend to have less confidence when it comes to investing than men do. Neither is one ready to do research on the investment matters nor does one have the confidence to take risk of investing in risky investments. The famous term namely “confidence gap” severely hinders a woman’s portfolio. More than 60% of the women-only prefer investing in those financial products that give guaranteed returns. Because of this, women tend to underinvest in risky assets. Taking a lot of risks isn’t always a good thing. However, even no risk does not give the guarantee of the safety of capital. So diversify and stay safe.

3. Women consider themselves responsible for family planning: Sometimes women do not prioritize themselves and always consider themselves responsible for taking care of the adult parents or the young children. It is necessary for them to consider their personal goals also while planning for the future. One can make note of the standard airline advice to put one’s own oxygen mask before assisting someone else. If one is struggling to earn money and cannot take care of themselves, then it becomes difficult to take care of others as well. There are always goals like being an entrepreneur, traveling across the world, purchasing a house in the outskirts for staying during retirement, which can also be achieved. So prioritize your life and live your dreams.

Getting friendly with finance is not a difficult task. Anyone can become an expert with knowledge and experience. Today’s women are the best examples of the maximum number of skills one can pursue, be it taking care of the family or work. Financial knowledge is a small difficulty that has to be crossed and with little interest, it can also be handled by today’s women.  


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